About Us

Rock Gold Play School is a pre-primary school where little angles bloom and grow in a warm, secure and stimulating environment. It is their “home away from home” where they are given time and space to learn at their own pace.

Our agenda is to give supporting and stimulating enviorment to these bloomers to learn their own way, and to start interacting with their surroundings and other children in a friendly and confident way.

Our Programs

Pre Nursery
“For Prepairng Little toddlers For Better Future.
Playgroup 2 Years
For Shaping the young mind to learn faster and with fun.
Mother Toddler Program
For Enggeing parents into school life of children.
Kinder Dance
Just For a Little fun !!

Our Motto

” Educating Rock Stars Of Today Into Responsible citizens Of Tomorrow ……”

Our Background

Rock Gold Play School is promoted by a professional and well qualified team, who already has great contribution in shaping young India’s mind through their Rock Gold Academy.

With our vast experience and deep roots in education sector, we focus on integrating and invoking life long learning experience and personality development for little toddlers from very beginning, which helps them learn a lot of things with fun as well as a way to enjoy the learning process too.